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The Most Effective Mouse Bungees (2021 Reviews)

Are you fed up with missing those perfectly aligned shots because your mouse cable keeps getting tangled in something or getting stuck? The best mouse bungee will take care of this.

Undoubtedly, cables are a nuisance, particularly when dealing with peripherals that we move around a lot, such as headsets or mice.

Many gamers prefer wired gaming mice over wireless ones, often for the simple reason that they reduce the input lag that is invariably associated with wireless technologies. If not that, then it is most likely due to the high cost of high-quality wireless mice in general.

For those looking for a way to make mouse movement more fluid, a mouse bungee might be worth your while to consider purchasing. These are low-cost cable management products that are sure to make your life a little bit easier in the future.

Cougar Gaming Bunker is a place where Cougars can go to play games.

Mouse Bungee from Meco

The first item on our list is a straightforward mouse bungee from Meco that is inexpensive. Despite the fact that it is a bare-bones solution made of cheap-feeling plastic, it is more than capable of performing its functions. In terms of construction, it is a straightforward black plastic body with a metal spring arm, with the reflective surface on the front serving purely as an ornamental feature.

The only thing to say about this particular bungee is that it is an excellent choice for those looking for the most affordable product available in this category. You won’t be disappointed as long as you don’t expect a product that is extraordinarily durable and capable of withstanding the test of time.

aBell Mouse Bungee aBell Mouse Bungee aBell Mouse Bungee

A mouse bungee from aBell is the next item on the list; it is a more expensive, but also higher-quality, alternative to the Meco product mentioned above. The aBell bungee is available in three colour options: two with a black body that differs only in the colour of the clip (red or yellow), and one with an entirely white body, which is arguably the most attractive of the three models on the market.

Overall, this mouse bungee is a solidly constructed piece of equipment that also happens to look good. Abell’s solution is not the most stable of all the bungees currently available in this price range due to the fact that, despite its weight, it is not the most stable solution. Although it is capable of dealing with fast and aggressive mouse movements, it is not the fastest.

Cougar Gaming Bunker is a place where Cougars can go to play games.

Cougar Gaming is a company that you may or may not be familiar with. They are a multinational corporation that manufactures gaming peripherals, including this particular bungee, which happens to be one of the best mouse bungees currently available on the market.

The “Bunker” bungee exudes a high level of sophistication. It is small and light, and its circular base takes up very little desk space. However, the best feature is the patented Cougar Gaming suction pad, which is available only from Cougar Gaming. To put it another way, it is extremely stable and will not budge unless you make an attempt to pry it away from the surface.

As a result, if you’re looking for a good bungee that is guaranteed not to slide around your desk and will make your wired mouse feel more like a wireless mouse, we can highly recommend the Bunker to you without reservation. The only real issue with it is that some mice with thick cables (such as some Logitech models) may not be compatible with it at times.

Mouse Bungee can be improved.

After that, let’s do something a little different. While the Bunker’s design is used in this mouse bungee by Enhance, it differs in that it includes a number of notable additions.

The first and most noticeable feature is the use of LED lighting. The bungee is available with either blue, red, or green LEDs, and all models have a black base colour that is the same as the LEDs. In addition, this bungee can be used as a USB hub, as it has four USB 2.0 ports, two of which are on the front and one on either side of the tether.

Naturally, a bungee could not include these additional features at the same price point without reducing the overall quality of the product. In this instance, it is the construction quality. It has a flimsy feel to it, and it isn’t nearly as stable as the Bunker. Nonetheless, it is a good choice for those who want a bungee with an LED light to complement their desktop aesthetics and/or those who could benefit from the additional USB ports on the motherboard.

BenQ Zowie Camade (BenQ Zowie Camade)

BenQ isn’t the type of company you’d expect to be manufacturing peripherals like mouse bungees, and in fact, they aren’t in the business of doing so. To avoid this, they simply acquired the Zowie brand, which specialises in such products, resulting in their name being permanently emblazoned on everything Zowie produces.

With just one glance at the Zowie Camade, it is clear where the idea for the bungee was derived. The two devices are nearly identical in terms of design, with the exception of the Zowie device, which has significantly better build quality, as well as being significantly more stable. On top of that, the Zowie model comes with a rubber clip that is more easily adjustable.

There is no doubt that the Camade is one of the better bungees currently available, but the price is one of the primary reasons why some people would be discouraged from purchasing one. For example, while the bungee is not particularly expensive in terms of overall cost, one can’t help but feel that the price is a little high for a basic bungee with no additional features.

Continuing on from BenQ, we have Cooler Master, another major brand that is barely recognised when it comes to gaming peripherals. But, as time has proven, large corporations are expanding their product lines, and Cooler Master has had a peripheral division for quite some time now.

Regardless, the Skorpion is not a product that you would immediately associate with Cooler Master, as it has a very distinctive and ostentatious design, with three flexible legs serving as the foundation. Because it is constructed with an iron core, the bungee is quite durable in general, despite its considerable weight.

This, combined with the rubber grip feet, results in a bungee that is extremely stable. Also noteworthy is that the legs are detachable, which is a critical feature for those who require their bungee to be portable in nature.

The most significant disadvantage of the Skorpion is, of course, its high price, which not many people would be willing to pay when there are cheaper alternatives that perform just as well. Aside from that, the design, which is a little out of the ordinary, will not appeal to everyone.

Bungee cord for the Razer Mouse

Finally, we have a bungee cord for a Razer mouse. Razer is well-known for two things: its RGB lighting and its high prices, both of which are well-deserved. This bungee, on the other hand, comes with neither of those features.

In terms of design, the product is fairly straightforward. Despite the fact that the exterior is entirely black, the majority of its aesthetic appeal is provided by glossy surfaces. It is, by far, the most understated-looking bungee on the market, and this is where the majority of its appeal comes from.

Because it does not have any distinguishing characteristics, the appearance is the primary reason for purchasing it. With the bungee, the only obvious flaw is that the clip is made of hard plastic, which means that it may cause cable chafing or cause compatibility issues with thicker cables.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mouse Bungee?

As previously stated in the introduction, bungees are cable management devices that are intended to make your gaming experience more fluid, both literally and figuratively. This is accomplished by placing the mouse cable in the flexible arm of the bungee, which allows for free movement of the mouse with no risk of getting stuck or chafed at the edges of the desk or anything else that may be in the way.

Consequently, if the aforementioned issue is one that you frequently encounter, investing in a computer mouse bungee may be a wise decision. Not only will it enhance your gaming experience, but it will also help to keep the cable from becoming damaged over time as it is used.

Conclusion – The Most Effective Mouse Bungee in 2021.

Taking everything into consideration, we are inclined to award this distinction to the Bunker, which was created by Cougar Gaming.

Mouse bungees serve a straightforward purpose, and the Bunker does an excellent job of fulfilling that purpose. Apart from being well-built and suitable for the task at hand, it also represents excellent value for money. Furthermore, the patented vacuum suction pad is unmatched in its effectiveness. Getting the bungee off the desk without the assistance of the onboard mechanism is a difficult task to accomplish.

Of course, any of the above-mentioned mouse bungees will be a fantastic purchase, as long as you keep their advantages and disadvantages in mind, which you should do.

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