You Don’t Have to Use BBW Dating Apps Only

You Don’t Have to Use BBW Dating Apps Only

Using BBW apps or mainstream apps to find love as a BBW doesn’t have to feel scary or like it’s work. The process can be fun and provide a lot of success if you know how to approach it properly. We’ve already walked you through how to pick out the best online dating app for BBWs. Now let us share a few tips on how to use the properly to get the results you deserve.

Highlight Your Best Attributes

It’s important to remember that what you look like is only a portion of who you are. There are so many other great things that make up who you are. You’ve got interests, accomplishments, goals, and personality traits that make you-you. Embrace them! Show them off!

Don’t Be Misleading With Your Photos

It may be tempting to take pictures in a certain way that hide that you’re a plus-sized woman. Or you may be tempted to pick out photos that don’t genuinely show what you look like. This might make you feel a little better, but it’s unfair and misleading to the singles you’re talking to. We’re not saying you shouldn’t try and take awesome photos that showcase your best light! But make sure you’re taking honest pictures that show what you genuinely look like. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for an awkward first date, and it’s just unfair to the other person.

Don’t Accept Abuse of Any Kind

This is a non-negotiable for us and it should be for you too. Whether you’re online or dating in-person, any verbal abuse, bullying, or anything like that is 100% unacceptable. Continue reading