The gang of all of the icon areas one to partition

The gang of all of the icon areas one to partition

  • The new lexical place away from an icon place was a non-blank gang of Unicode profile strings.
  • Brand new identifier away from an icon place was a series regarding Unicode characters one mode an absolute IRI [RFC-3987].
  • Various other symbol room try not to display an equivalent identifier.

To simplify the language, we will often use symbol space identifiers to refer to the actual symbol spaces (for instance, we may use “symbol space xs:sequence” instead of “symbol space identified by xs:sequence“).

where literal is called the lexical part of the symbol, and symspace is the identifier of the symbol space. Here literal is a sequence of Unicode characters that must be an element in the lexical space of the symbol space symspace. For instance, "step step one.2"^^xs:quantitative and "1"^^xs:decimal are syntactically valid constants because 1.2 and 1 are members of the lexical space of the XML Schema datatype xs:decimal. On the other hand, "a+2"^^xs:decimal is not a syntactically valid symbol, since a+2 is not part of the lexical space of xs:decimal.


RIF requires that all dialects include the symbol spaces listed and described in Section Constants and Symbol Spaces of [RIF-DTB] as part of their language. These symbol spaces include constants that belong to several important XML Schema datatypes, certain RDF datatypes, and constant symbols specific to RIF. The latter include the symbol spaces rif:iri and rif:regional, which are used to represent internationalized resource identifiers (IRIs [RFC-3987]) and constant symbols that are not visible outside of the RIF document in which they occur, respectively. Continue reading